Poets & Writers

Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay has penned two story collections, the essay collection Bad Feminist, Hunger: A Memoir of My Body and the novel An Untamed State, all to acclaim. She is now starting Roxane Gay Books, a new imprint of Grove Atlantic. She is seeking submissions of a variety of genres, as well as nonfiction and memoirs. There is no fee to submit. Gay intends to invite submissions from writers traditionally locked out of publishing opportunities; namely, people with the talent and discipline to write a powerful work of art.

“I’m going to publish books that I love,” Gay said. “I am very invested in making space for Black women, queer women, queer writers, and writers of color broadly-writers whom we don’t see enough of in mainstream publishing, despite the prevailing attitudes toward diversity.” Gay is excited to begin modestly and see what comes through the submission, which opened this summer via Submittable https://discover.submittable.com; Gay plans to look at all of them. “We’re going to publish three great books a year, so you can read them all!

*Excerpted from Bran Gresko story in Poets & Writers.

Aurielle Marie

Aurielle Marie says the manuscript that became their debut poetry collection, Gumbo Ya Ya, (University of Pittsburgh Press (https://upittpress.org), grew more “wildly audacious.” After walking away from a book deal that didn’t serve here, she “stopped editing out all these queer or strange or subversive poetic moves.”

Zibby Owens

Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books with Zibby Ownes (http://www.zibbyowens.com). Listen to host and author Zibby Owens as she interviews authors 7 days a week on her award-winning podcast.

Joy Harjo

Harjo is a traveler and a community leader whose experiences drive her storytelling. “My creative life, I have come to understand, finds energetics in traveling, either physically or through knowledge gatherings.” she says, and these voyages inform the passages of poetry and prose in her new memoir, Poet Warrior, published by W.W. Norton. The book is told in six parts and each movement opens for readers a different doorway to understanding the way lives and places intertwine. (http://joyharjo.com).

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I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To Go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me."

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