Community Storytelling

Dr. Caren S. Neile

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021 I attended Beacon College “Salon Speaker Series.” The guest speaker was Dr. Caren Neile who is the founding director of the South Florida Storytelling Project. Neile’s teaching and research are in the fields of Intercultural, Cultural and Rhetorical Communication Studies. Her research emphasizes peace and tolerance building, conflict transformation, health and well-being (particularly with regard to the elderly) and culture performance.

Dr. Neile read stories from her book “Only In Florida: Why the Manatee Crossed the Road.” Her book is a compilation of stories collected throughout Florida with the goal of connecting neighbors to neighbors and to the areas in which they live, to deliver a performance/lecture that includes readings and retellings from the books, as well as an introduction to her philosophy of community storytelling and invaluable how-tos to bring storytelling into listeners own lives.  She is a 2005 National Storytelling Network Oracle Award winner.

I enjoyed Dr. Neile stories and comedic delivery. She explained the importance of community storytelling and how to study the craft of storytelling. I’m interested in having my friends, who are now older, tell stories on how my mother’s advice effected their lives.

Only In Florida book

You can contact Dr. Caren Neile, Director, South Florida Storytelling Project at

The Moth

You can hear/see storytellers at The Moth

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