Everyday Is A Poem

Jacqueline Suskin

I’ve taken the free “Every Day Is A Poem” course through Commune onecommune.com with Jacqueline Suskin. She gives simple techniques to get you writing every day.

“There is no shortage of wonder in the human spirit. We were born to ask why. We are here to make up our own answers. This is the poetry of being alive.”

Jacqueline Suskin

Day 1 – What does it mean for us to be in awe? Can you recall something in your life that has been awe inspiring? What did that moment inspire? Give yourself permission to find awe in anything at all, and then let that awe push you into poetic expression.

Day 2 – Assigning meaning to objects, places and animals is an ancient human practice and when we develop or own collection of important symbols, we establish a foundation of support and inspiration that we can always access. Write about it.

“Because we are the ones asking questions and finding answers, we are the ones who get to determine the meaning that we live by.”

Jacqueline Suskin

Day 3 – The difference between awe, meaning, and inspiration is a fine line that is clarified by personal definition. We start with awe, polish it it into meaning , and then drink freely from the well of the inspiration that arrives day after day as we write with purpose.

Day 4 – Asking ourselves why we do what we do, what the purpose is behind our work, and why we want to create in the first place helps us heighten the energy we put into our writing.

“Begin to reveal the roots of your poetic purpose, the reason you write your words on the page.”

Jacqueline Suskin

Day 5 – We all have a poet living inside of us, or beside us, close at hand. You have permission to love that part of yourself, to work at that piece inside of you until it comes out in words, to gather up all of those swirling expressions and make sense of them in language. You can be a secret poet, a poet who never writes, a poet who just appreciates the craft but keeps a journal locked away from others. You don’t have to call yourself a poet to be one. This can be a private journey of naming feelings and processing experiences. But if you are looking to give yourself over to your work in a deeper way, there are a few things that will make the process that much more of a craft. This means dedicating yourself to a practice.

This was a fun, free course and I ended up purchasing it at a 50% discount. Now I’ll have the opportunity to practice my poetry writing with a professional instructor (smile). If you get the chance check out the course at onecommune.com.

I believe purpose is a large part of practicing a craft with clarity and intention.

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I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To Go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me."

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