Zines By C. Minor

According to Wikipedia a zine is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine. Zines are the product of either a single person or of a very small group, and are popularly photocopied into physical prints for circulation. Wikipedia. I learned about zines while reading Austin Kleon newsletter http://austinkleon.com and followed his video and started making zines. I really enjoy the freedom of making them and not having to have any writing or photography restrictions. I used an old photos form my vacations, pictures from magazines, coloring book, calendars, junk mail and scrape paper. It was fun! I make zines for relaxation and when I don’t want to write. There is just no limit to the infinite possibilities for creating zines.

C. Minor lunch box

While strolling through Goodwill Industries during senior discount days, I found this neat lunchbox for two dollars. This is where I keep my zines. I carry them with me to the park or the library anywhere I can sit and just create in peace. If you’re looking for something fun to do, while you write your book, zines are the best distractions.

Published by cminorwriter

I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To Go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me."

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