Redefine Time

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“The world is entering a new time zone, and one of the most difficult adjustments people must make is in their fundamental concepts and beliefs about the management of time.” Quote by Dan Sullivan Founder and president, The Strategic Coach

I’m still in the process of reading Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.”


I am now trying out a new writing schedule. Here’s Mr. Canfield’s concept:

Focus Days-A Focus Day is a day in which you spend at least 80% of your time operating in your primary area of expertise-interacting with people or processes that give you the highest payoffs for the time you invest. To be successful, you must schedule more Focus Days and hold yourself accountable for producing the results.

Buffer Days-A Buffer Day is a day when you prepare and plan for a Focus or Free Day-either learning a new skill, locating a new resource, training your team, delegating tasks, projects or traveling to a work site. Buffer Days ensure that your Focus Days are as productive as possible.

Free Days-A Free Day extends from midnight to midnight and involves no work related activity of any kind. It’s a day completely free of business meetings, business-related phone calls, cell phone calls, emails, or reading work-related journals and documents.

I’ve decided to try this new system for the next thirty days. I’m feeling good about the process. Do you have a writing schedule that works for you?

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