Making Money, Making Change

Today I was listening to Rha Goddess, author of the book The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts To Stay True, Get Paid and Do Good. She was being interviewed by Tami Simon on Insights at the Edge podcast.

What caught may attention was when she talked about the economy of love. Here is a excerpt from the podcast transcript:

“For me, it’s that I really am contributing to economies that are life-giving—economies where more people can thrive and prosper. Economies that carry dignity and honor and respect at the center. I talk about this in the course, the economy of love, the economy of truth, and the economy of we. In the economy of love, it is about this new level of generosity that is sourced from something different than obligation and pressure. The way that sometimes we give even when it is painful or we neglect ourselves in order to show up in a particular kind of way. It’s an economy of scarcity that invites this obligatory giving as a way to prove you’re a good person, that is painful. We have a lot of people who are putting themselves last.

We see this a lot in indigenous cultures. We see this a lot in communities of color. We see this a lot in the culture of women and the way often that we define it. That’s not the only place but it’s more prominently, right? I think we all have a piece of this where we give in ways that hurt. In the economy of love, it says that I’m sourced by something different. I’m really tapped into a more prosperous supply. When I’m giving from that place, from a well-sourced and a well-resourced place, I can be more generous. The giving contributes to my expansion as opposed to my contraction. In the economy of truth, I’m accountable and responsible for the choices and the decisions that I make and the impact that they have on me and others. I’m willing to own where I’m a part of the solution and where I’m a part of the problem. I’m willing to be actively engaged around moving to places that enable me to be more a part of the solution than a part of the problem.

In the economy of we, it’s a story of us. It’s the fact that we are not on an island unto ourselves. We have seven billion neighbors that we share space and air and water and energy with. How are we going to do this together so that I’m not interested in economy that’s rooted in how do I obliterate you or how do I dominate you or how do I subjugate you? But I’m glad they’re rooted in an economy of how do I expand you, how I contribute to you, how I uplift you, how do we work in ways that make the pipe bigger, how do we work in ways that make the world better and that we all had to hand in and an active role to play in doing that. We’re excited to be about the business of collaborating to be able to do that.”

After listening to the interview I thought of what ways can my writing contribute to society in a love economy. Lots to think about. Do you have any thoughts?

Rha Goddess @ TEDx

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