The Center for Micro-Entrepreneurial Training (CMET)

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On Monday, May 10, 2021 I joined a five-day virtual training program through The Center for Micro-Entrepreneurial Training. The training was geared towards entrepreneurs and as you know, writing a book is a business. This five-day training program was intense and constructive. It was facilitated by CEO and President David Daly and Founder and Executive Vice-President Joseph A. Simmons. Below are breif highlights from the training:

Servola Frazier is an Empowerment Business Coach and she spoke about developing a sales plan. “A great sales plan helps you have sustainable wealth.” For more information contact Ms. Frazier at

Dr. Diely Pichardo-Johansson is a Life Coach and Author. Dr. Johansson spoke about self-care. “Self care is any activity directed to your physical, mental or spiritual well-being that helps you show up as your best possible self.” I’m reading her book now “Bouncing Back: A How-To-Manual For Joy With Minimal Energy Expenditure.” You can get a more information about Dr. Johansson at

Jorge Cruz talked all about online marketing. This is important for authors! Mr. Cruz spoke about paying attention to shifts in your industry. Knowing your competitors, optimizing videos for social engines, researching keywords for your blog, converting a visitor into a lead and so much more. You can get more information about Mr. Cruz and his techniques at

Michelle Chenault talked about organization implementation. She spoke deeply about having a budget plan for marketing and business. ” A business plan is a living document, tweak it often.” She went into details of “Knowing your why?” For instance, why are you writing a book? Is there a demand for your book? Where do the readers live that will be reading your book and are you prepare for growth? Get more information about the growth process, capital management and more at Michelle Chenault Consulting, LLC.

There was seventeen speakers in a five-day training. I’m still reviewing my notes! Many of the speakers offered free consultations, PDF’s and informational sheets for review. I highly recommend this training, no matter what business you are starting or already in. To find out more about CMET go to

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