True Forgiveness

Ture Forgiveness by Rev. Jennifer McSween

I started listening to Rev. Jennifer McSween podcast “Understanding The Language Of A course In Miracles back in 2018. In 2019 I sent her an email thanking her for her podcast teachings and her informative book. Rev. McSween responded with a kindly worded email and a signed copy of her book. I’ve had the Course In Miracles book for some time before I started reading the text in 2018. In 2019 I started doing the workbook exercises in 2021 I joined the Pathways of Light” ministry because all they teach is The Course In Miracles. Along with Rev. McSween’s podcasts, book and the weekly Sunday readings with Pathways of Light I am gaining a better understand of my SELF and the world in which I live in but am not emerged in.

Rev. Jennifer McSween had divided the book into three main parts: Part 1: A New Perspective, Part 2: Understanding True Forgiveness and Part 3: Practicing True Forgiveness. Throughout the book she provides simple formulas of her teaching to follow to learn how to forgive yourself and others. On her promotional flyer she writes “True Forgiveness shares a simple, effective and pain-free process taught in A Course in Miracles for letting go of emotional pain, and feeling empowered and at peace regardless of what you experience. ” To get more information about Rev. McSween click on the link I hope you read the book and enjoy the journey through the Course In Miracles teachings. What are you reading?


Pathways of Light


When you forgive from the perspective of the Course, what you are forgiving or letting go of if “an idea”-the idea that something was really done to you by another that has caused you some for of harm, loss or pain. Forgiving in this way rests on the Course’s most fundamental teaching: “It’s not what happens, but the way you look at it, that determine the way you experience.” This is recognizing and acknowledging that everything happens in the mind and that you’re never threatened or in danger from anything or anyone in the world.“-Rev. McSween

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