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I’ve finally signed up for a free account with Canva This platform allows me to design my book cover. I’m also working on a Sales Sell Sheet. Below is information I got from EverGreenAuthors blog (

Josie Robinson & Roseanne Cheng, Cofounders of Evergreen Authors

3 Simple Rules for Creating a Sell Sheet for Your Book:

The only “rules” you need to follow are these:

  1. You must include a high-resolution cover of your book.
  2. You must include an excellent, succinct description of the book. 
  3. You must include relevant purchasing information. 

Other additional items you can add to your book sell sheet include:

  1. Any key endorsements you’ve received. 
  2. A succinct “tagline” that sums up your book in one sentence.
  3. Your author photo and bio (especially if your book is non-fiction, and you are a speaker).
  4. Color imagery or extra illustrations. 
  5. Comparisons to other titles like yours. 
  6. Links to additional resources, such as a reader’s guide or teacher’s guide.

Your sell sheet is essentially a business card for you and your book. You want it to look professional.

Youtuber Alissa Rose in a Canva tutorial teaches how to create a digital Printable Planner in Canva, these steps are also helpful when creating a Sales Sell Sheet for your book.

There’s More To Do!

For the next few weeks I’ll be working on my Book Launch Checklist. My goal is to complete and publish my book by October 2022. This checklist will entail strategizing around my launch budget, considering the help I’ll need to help with the endorsement of my book. And where will I travel to promote my book? Will I do it virtually? I’ll have to reach out to podcasters and set up an account with Amazon and Goodreads. There’s more for me to do and consider. BookBub has A Marketing Timeline for Authors I’ll be a busy person this summer!

“Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.” – Alice Walker, Author

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I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me." My book will be completed by December 2022.

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