Quiet Time

Satipatthana Meditation Center (Photo by Poet Minor)

I was so happy to find Dai Niem Xu Thien Vien Satipatthana Meditation Center in Leesburg Florida. The center is closed but the grounds are open. I took my time and walked around and took photos. This space is so peaceful and quiet. I was able to clear my mind and refocus myself. I was a bit troubled about my manuscript and needed some moments of quiet to recenter myself. This was a perfect space.

Park for the Holy Places (Photo by Poet Minor)

The Meditation Center is about five minutes from my new home in Leesburg Florida. They are rebuilding the park, center and monks quarters. There are benches in the park where I could sit and take some quiet moments for myself. Taking time here I got clear on the direction I wanted my memoir to go.

Photo by Poet Minor

After my visit to Satipatthana Meditation Center I was able to construct the outline for my memoir, with the help of my Writing Coach, Parthenia Hicks. I have compiled my manuscript and now I’m in the process of reading through it and revising it here and there. The quiet moments at the center were very helpful. This will be my new space to go to for quiet, focus and guidance. You can get more information about the center at http://dainiemxutv.com

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I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me." My book will be completed by December 2022.

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