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I was reading Austin Kleon’s newsletter ( and in it he had an article by Valentina DiLiscia writing how Curator Ikechúkwú Onyewuenyi hopes to rouse a new generation of writers with “Chez Baldwin,” a 32-hour-long Spotify ( playlist based on Baldwin’s vinyl record collection. What a collection he had! I’m still working way through the playlist.

James Baldwin photographed by Allan Warren. 

According to the article this is the music that author James Baldwin would listen to as he wrote.

James Baldwin’s house in Saint-Paul de Vence, France 

“Looking over pictures of Baldwin’s house in Provence, I latched onto his records, their sonic ambiance, as a way to fill the space but still allow room for this emptiness, for differences. In addition to reading the books and essays, he produced while living in Provence, listening to the records was something that could transport me there,” Onyewuenyi said.

If you get a chance listen to the playlist or make one of your own. I find music is helpful when writing.

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