A Tree Tells A Story

Photo by cminorwriter

I went to Griffen State Park in Leesburg Florida to take a walk. I wanted to get some fresh air and clear my head. While walking along a path I came upon this tree stump (pictured above). As I started to walk away I turned around to look at it again. What is this tree’s story? I thought. How did it end up here? What happened to it that caused those holes?

For the next few days I thought about the tree. I thought the tree was a good representation of my life so far. A life where I’ve lived through some stormy times. A life where I landed on my side but still managed to keep going, keep thriving. A life that had dreams with holes in them.

I’ve come to admire this tree. Its a surviver! It sticks out on the pathway for all who pass by to see. It’s a tree that has its own beauty.

Tell me, what do YOU see in the tree?

Published by cminorwriter

I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me." My book will be completed by December 2022.

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