It’s About Damn Time!

Arlan Hamilton

I finished reading Arlan Hamilton’s book “It’s About Damn Time.” Here is a brief introduction: 

“In 2015, Arlan Hamilton was on food stamps and sleeping on the floor of the San Francisco airport, with nothing but an old laptop and a dream of breaking into the venture capital business. She couldn’t understand why people starting companies all looked the same (White and male), and she wanted the chance to invest in the ideas and people who didn’t conform to this image of how a founder is supposed to look. Hamilton had no contacts or network in Silicon Valley, no background in finance-not even a college degree. What she did have was fire determination and the will to succeed.” 

I wanted to read Arlan’s book because I had been following her progress on Instagram (arlanwashere) and learned that this black gay woman broke into the Silicon Valley against all odds. 

Below are a few gems I took from away from her book:

1. You have to look at your experiences and understand them for what they are: an education built just for you.

2. Do the best to showcase what you have, make a case for it, and pitch it.

3. Turn disappointment into power and productivity.

4. Use social media to recruit, connect, and meet investors.

5. Only you can create content from your point of view. That’s your gift to the world.

I recommend this book for anyone who needs some inspiration to get going with whatever projects or products you have been contemplating doing. Arlan’s book is a good motivator.

If you want more information you can go to

Happy reading!

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