Bird Cloud

Photo by Poet Minor

Thanks to Ruth Ayres, Sharing Our Stories (SOS), suggestion from her blog to writer off a photograph I decided to do take this photo I took in SouthPort Park a few weeks ago and put a poem to it.


I’m walking in the park
looking at the trees
noticing how the wind
rustles all the leaves
above me birds float
in the blue sky
while clouds seem
to gently rise
I look in wonder
how could this be
that there’s a Bird Cloud
floating over me
I take a photo
and I stare
marveling at the beauty
above me in the air…

Written by Cheryl Minor (11/12/20)

Published by cminorwriter

I am a writer who likes to golf and enjoys mobile photography. I am currently working on my memoir "Baby, You Have To go Beyond The Block: Advice My Mother Gave Me While Growing Up In Brooklyn." My book will be completed by December 2022.

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